To schedule a hippotherapy evaluation, contactKathy Gambino at ​ or 979-997-9293

​​Hippotherapy at Horses for Life! is facilitated by a professional physical therapist in conjunction with trained and  experienced equine assistants, side walkers/spotters, and specially screened and trained therapy horses.

The horse's movement is essential to assist in meeting therapy goals.


​​​​​​     Horses for Life!       

Physical therapy, in which hippotherapy is utilized, is reimbursable by most medical insurance, (third party)  

Hippotherapy is physical, occupational or speech therapy which employs the movement of the horse as a treatment tool.


Hippotherapy is not a horseback riding lesson, nor is it therapeutic riding. It is physical, occupational or speech therapy, which is approved by a physician and implemented by a team that includes a licensed, credentialed therapist.

Appointments are   available on Tuesdays.

Fee $150

Initial evauluations $190 Physician orders required

​​Equine assisted services for physical, mental, social, and spiritual health!

The goal of hippotherapy is to improve neurological functioning in cognition, body movement, organization, and attention levels to improve function off the horse.

Hippotherapy is a one-on-one treatment and generally occurs until the client meets discharge criteria.  In hippotherapy, the treating therapist continually assesses and modifies therapy based on the client's responses.