​​Equine assisted services for physical, mental, social, and spiritual health!

​​​​​​     Horses for Life!       

Hippotherapy at Horses for LIfe! is faciliatated by physical therapist with the support of therapy assistants, and uses horses as the dynamic treatment tool.    



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Individual and Family Counseling


Clients are served in a traditional counseling setting without the use of horses.  

Therapeutic Horsemanship

Clients learn natural horsemanship with a therapeutic focus which encourages them to develop mentally, physically, and socially.


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning, (EAP/EAL)

This unique and rapidly growing field combines the expertise of a team of specially trained professionals with horses to assist clients with mental health or learning objectives.



Riding horses assists children and adults with mental and physcial challenges in a manner unlike any other type of physical activity.