​​Equine assisted services for physical, mental, social, and spiritual health!

​​​​​​     Horses for Life!       

 Horses for Life!

 Kathy Gambino


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Some special needs we have addressed are: Autism spectrum disorders, Asperger's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, CDLK5, Cri-du-Chat Syndrome, Hydrocephalus, delayed development, Down's Syndrome, low muscle tone, PTSD, Rett's Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, Spina Bifida, traumatic brain injury, seizure, and stroke.

Clients wear a certified equestrian helmet. We also employ the support of gait belts, bareback pads, and modified saddles if needed during sessions. 

Side walker assistants are provided as needed. 

A trained and experienced horse professional facilitates all therapeutic riding sessions.  

Fee $50 Thirty minute session

Therapeutic Riding  

PLEASE NOTE:  Currently our roster is full and we are not accepting new riders for this service.  We arenow referring inquiring families to  SoléAna Stables, a wonderful new therapeutic riding center in Pearland.

www.soleanastables.com  713-436-6625

Our program for physically and/or mentally challenged individuals was initially developed in response to community need.  Horses for Life! began with traditional horsemanship instruction, however when friends, 

neighbors, and licensed therapists inquired about using riding to help their special needs family members and clients, a new service was born.

Therapeutic riding is generally appropriate for individuals who have some level of ability which can influence the movement of the horse. The  activity of sitting on a horse's back, causes the body to make  many adjustments as the horse moves at various speeds, navigates inclines and declines, goes under, over, and around various obstacles. Muscles are challenged in a manner unlike any other type of physical activity.  As a result, clients' balance, strength, tone, coordination, sensory processing, and motor planning is often significantly improved.